Benefits and Some Guidance on Fasting

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I've recorded this post for your listening enjoyment.

Fasting is a great way to bring in the new year. After the Holiday's, most of us can relate to wanting to start fresh. I myself am really looking forward to cleansing my body. I'm looking forward to shedding a few pounds and even more to having a SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH.

You see, fasting can be a powerful experience. In almost every
religion, fasting is mentioned and is connected with being purified and/or in touch with the divine. Fasting is mentioned in both the Old and New
Testament, in the Mahabharata, in the Upanishads and in the Qur'an. So while you take the time to connect to the healing of your body and mind, you may also benefit from a connection to spirit.

I've had some profound breakthroughs while fasting. I remember really needing to forgive someone for doing someting I felt was unforgivable. I was so wrought with anger, anxiety and bitterness, I turned to fasting as my last resort. I remember praying "May I starve to death, if I cannot forgive as I have been forgiven..." (yes, it was dramatic but look who it's coming from...) The first day, I noticed nothing (aside from the pang of hunger and even perhaps a bit more anger.) The second and third day I began to be relieved. On the fourth day, I woke up and was completely relieved. I was overcome with love. Now, a skeptic would call that delirium from food deprivation but I call it miraculous. I was humbled. That fast occurred over ten years ago and I am still free from the bitterness that had enslaved me.

If you'll be joining me, I've put together the following basic tips.

From Robert Alan Ross Consultant | Author | Teacher
If you’ve never fasted before, I recommend starting out with a 3-day juice
fast. Actually, this is a 5-day program. On the first day eat nothing
but raw fruits and veggies (avoid fruits if you have any sugar issues).
For the next three days have simple juices for all your meals (green
only if you have sugar issues). On the last day, eat a simple raw diet -
just fruit and salads. This gives your body a chance to enter into a
cleansing cycle gradually and gracefully, and then step out of the
cleansing cycle gradually and safely as well. Don’t shock your body by
breaking the fast too suddenly with a pizza as that can cause more harm
than the good you did while fasting!
  1. Try to drink only freshly squeezed juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.
    Having a juicer is a definite advantage while you are on this type of
    fast, but of you cannot manage either a juicer or fresh fruits, then
    consuming juices from juice bars and health food stores is advised. Try
    to avoid packed juices that are processed and chemically preserved.
  2. Use organic fruits and vegetables for your juice fasting recipes.
    In case you cannot find fresh organic fruits, then try to get rid of
    the chemicals by peeling the fruit or vegetable and washing it
  3. You should consume at least six to eight glasses of normal room temperature
    water and at least two to four liters of fresh juice when on a juice
    fasting diet.
  4. You can avoid citrus fruits since they cause acidity on an empty stomach. Drinking the juice
    of green fruits and vegetables is advised so that you can get the benefits of chlorophyll. Some of the most  commonly advised fruits and vegetables are apple, cranberry, pineapple, carrot, celery, cabbage, kale, beetroot, spinach and other green vegetables. Try to drink both fruit and vegetable juices. You can find a number of fasting recipes on the internet that will make your fast more interesting and healthy.
  5. A properly conducted juice fast is one of the best methods of fasting detoxification and fasting weight loss. To get maximum benefits from your juice fast, consult your doctor or dietician, since they will be able to advise you regarding what to eat and what not eat, and how
    exactly to go about your fast based on your medical history.
I am releasing my intentieon out into the Universe. May you all have a beautiful and profound breakthrough. May it be exactly what you need to step into the fabulous you of next year!
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