7 Ways To Love Yourself More

Dec 29, 2020


Learn to F.L.Y.: 7 ways to Love Yourself More


F.L.Y. = First Love Yourself.

Many people struggle with this concept. I know I did. I had come to believe that being a good mom, wife, person, meant putting the needs of others above my own. At 38, when anxiety and panic attacks made frequent appearances in my life, I had to take a long hard look at the way I was living. I had to decide it was ok to love myself first AND I had to learn how to do it.

If you’ve run into a brick wall in your ability to love yourself, you are not alone. If you take the challenge to fly seriously, your life will never be the same.



Here are some tips as to how I did it. There are MANY ways. Just start.

I sat still. There is something profound about meditation. I’ve written several posts about why it works, who is using it and even done some guided meditations. Even starting with a few minutes of silence a day can have an incredible impact.

I did something fun, creative, exciting for myself every week. Julia Cameron calls this THE ARTIST’S DATE but I think it’s beneficial for everyone.

I eat and drink for LIFE. I am not a vegan or raw foodist but I do understand the benefits of cutting down on processed foods and adding more live food to our daily diets. We need fuel to run this machine. That fuel is the energy that helps us mentally and physically love ourselves. Water and good food are a must.

I moved it. I’ve posted about my love for dancing, jumping and hiking but there are SO many ways to reconnect with our bodies. We have this ONE body on this adventure and it was built to move. Find what kind of movement you are passionate about.

I rested. This body and mind needs sleep. Period. Whether you nap or engage in deep sleep for lucid dreams, resting is not something to give up.

Time manage. Managing how much time I had and what I did with it was important. I have used a planner since I was 16 but I have learned that the quality of time you out into something is just as important, if not more important than the amount of time. I try to practice sticking to my timeline for tasks and being singularly focused. This has turned out to be a great practice for me but at first, this lead to some feelings of guilt soooo…

I learned how to go guilt free. Guilt about spending this time on myself was something I HAD to give up. I prayed, surrounded myself with supportive people, read, watched and listened to supportive material. Consider hiring a coach, guide or therapist to help you through the rougher spots, I did and DO and it’s always amazing. There are so many modalities of healing out there to help us!

FLY and everyone else with reap the benefits. Even if it is uncomfortable at first.

I first wrote this post in 2012 but it’s so topical, I wanted to revise it. If you’ve enjoyed it, consider reading my book. It’s a self help memoir filled with tips and stories, meant to motivate and inspire. If you are considering working with a coach and like my style, please reach out to me.