I remember the first time thatI realized I just wanted to be happy. I had known for a while that something was missing but I didn't know what I could do about it. Are you there? Are you feeling stuck when you really want to live your life with passion? Do you wonder what happened to the version of you, you always dreamed you could be?


There's no magic pill for life long happiness. If you want more out of life, you must create it. The good news is that you can! It's a simple process but because of limiting beliefs and habits, it's not an easy road to travel alone. 

Before I started my coaching practice, I was at one of the worst points in my life I had a breakthrough! 

  • I healed from a broken heart.
  • I changed my diet to meet my health goals instead of trying to keep up with how I thought I should look for others.
  • I paid off ALL debt; then met and exceeded my financial income goals by over 10%.
  • I embraced my true self and felt, sexier, healthier and happier than EVER!
I started teaching what I had discovered. Many of my clients come to me and can't quite put their finger on what they need.

One client struggled with guilt because she was a social worker, serving the community but her work environment was so toxic, it was making her physically ill. After working with me for 90 days, she applied for and landed a dream job. She still serves the community, but she is happy! 

Another client came to me not quite knowing what she wanted but clearly feeling something was missing. In 90 days, she realized she wanted more friendships and we created a plan of action. She learned to build healthy, trusting relationships with other women. 

One client realized that grief had caused her to feel physically unwell. She got the up the courage to leave a doctor that was not listening to her. She changed her diet, her self talk and started persuing her passion. She is now writing a book. 

Another client was a successful exectutive and a single mom. She had done so many of the right things in life, but now she just wanted to learn how to have fun. In 90 days, she figured out that she was still holding onto some hurts from her childhood and she became willing to release those blocks. She started making time for herself and exploring new things. She’s now engaged to the man of her dreams and they have tons of fun adventures!


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My role as your coach to help you discover, uncover, clarify, refine and define your goals and create your process. I do not direct or prescribe. I support the process in which YOU are encouraged to get in touch with your heart’s DEEPEST DESIRES and then, step across the threshold to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. That being said, every coach has a particular style and mine is not for everyone. I'm a nurturer and I'm also very straight up. My One-on-One 12-week coaching packages start at $2400. If you'd like to learn more about working together, book your discovery call and let's see if we're a match!