The 2021 
Small Biz
Shout Out

You've worked hard to come this far and it's
time to celebrate your chingonidad!

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In February
30 Small Businesses
Will Be Featured!


Will your business be one of them? Angel Aviles has an audience of over 100k friends and fam that are as passionate about supporting small business as she is.

Why is she doing this?

After producing a successful series of inspiring interviews, she realized two things, one it's a lot of work, and two, more people need to see stories like these. We need to hear how people from all walks of life are making it. This series will feature every one from veteran business owners, to multilevel marketers and brand coaches, artist and more. If you have a business, she wants to give you a chance to share your story and shine.  

How do I get in?

It's EASY! Just enter your information. If you are selected, your interview will be set up, recorded and broadcast to over 100k people. Please keep in mind that there will be hundreds of people entering. If you are not selected in this round, don't take it personally! We want to do our best to make sure that a broad range of business types are represented.